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The Fortune in My Fridge

Author: Bunny

I  was reading a magazine article at the dentist’s office about saving money on groceries and  thinking ‘Well, I already do that’, (look for double coupons, print online coupons, compare prices with a phone barcode scanner). I also realized it’s much tougher to find deals on organic foods, they tend to be premium priced from the get go.
Some of the suggestions are pretty  useless for organic and natural products.











I am trying to shop at the local farm produce as much as possible. I am kind of  proud of it, actually…hunting down the local produce markets for fruits and vegetables, doing my  best to buy healthy. I’ve recently been down to the local home improvement center looking to buy materials to start my own little garden.
Some things I fudge on, like coffee and tea, but  I’m fine with that, because I am very cranky in the morning when I don’t get my caffeine dose.  And despite the juicing rage and Kale drinks,  Diet Pepsi still calls to me during lunches that I brown bag with kiwi fruit and a bowl of rice and steamed vegetables.
All in all, I am not really pleased with the lack of money saving tips for people like myself who try to eat organically and healthy. There is a veritable fortune sitting in my fridge.