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Buying Organic Baby Clothes for Baby Lisa

Author: Bunny

Lisa, my baby niece has skin problems. Her skin is so sensitive that she gets rashes on her neck, arms, and legs from her clothing.  There are so many cute colorful  clothes for baby girls, but I think the dyes and materials are irritating her skin. She most likely inherited it from her mom, since all of us girls have had rash and even eczema problems since we were young.  For that reason, my sister and I have had to use eco friendly laundry and bath soaps forever.  My sister is the first one to have a baby and the gifts of baby clothes from the grandparents and friends have been enough to fill a room all by themselves.  They are all cute, but Lisa’s skin has been breaking out in rashes especially when she sweats or her clothes get wet.

Cute clothes, but rashy effects on the skin.

Cute clothes, but rashy effects on the skin.











I like to buy organic cotton clothing whenever I can, and I decided to do a little shopping for Lisa. I didn’t want the usual cookie cutter girly wear I saw in the mall (Baby Gap) and tried to find something very cute and different. I found this great website with a big list of organic baby clothes companies that had lots of interesting choices. One that I really liked was  Their clothes are made with 100% certified organic cotton, with no pesticides, chlorine or other toxic chemicals. Another one was CutieBees.   I ordered several cute outfits and hope that helps with baby Lisa’s skin rashes.